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Who is LifeLegacy?

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What is Farm Succession?

Succession planning involves the planning and implementation of strategies to transfer labour, knowledge, skills, management control, decision making and ownership of a farm to the next generation.

The farm succession planning process includes:

  • collecting and analyzing information about your farm

  • creating options for succession

  • making preliminary decisions

  • designing, developing and reviewing your plan

  • implementing, monitoring and adjusting your plan

LifeLegacy takes a pro-active and co-operative approach to Farm Succession Planning. We work closely with your business, tax and legal advisors to integrate your personal lifestyle plan into a succession transition of your farm.

One of the best resources to review is the Farm Succession Planning Guide

What is Life Insurance?

Calculate your own family's needs over time: My Insurance View .

What is critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump sum cash payment upon a medical diagnosis of covered conditions such as a heart attack, cancer or stroke.

It’s valuable protection that can help you offset the extra expenses that often accompany a serious health condition such as:

  • Medical expenses not covered by your provincial health care plan

  • Home care expenses (such as a nurse or housekeeper)

  • The cost of going to a private clinic or getting out-of-country care

  • Special medical equipment (such as a wheelchair)

  • A home renovation or vehicle conversion to make it easy for you to get around

  • Travel for medical appointments or treatments

  • Childcare expenses

What about my Estate?

Fiduciary Trust Canada's Trust and Estate department has some insights on 3 top questions:

  • How to choose and executor?

  • Why everyone needs an incapacity plan?

  • What are the ways to distribute your estate?