You may have been invited to this link by one of our valued client families or one of the professionals we work closely with, as an introduction to LifeLegacy.  Or you may have simply stumbled across through our social media activity, or a google search.   However you found us, welcome!

My name is Edward (Ed) Turgeon, I am a co-founder and president of LifeLegacy.  I invite you to explore our site and learn a bit about our process.  We have included some self-serve calculators and links to some resources.  We publish regular updates that can be found in our News section.  Take a look to see a little more about who we are and what we do. 

LifeLegacy's team serves a small number of client families in Central Alberta.  We pride ourselves on truly understanding our clients and developing strong relationships with them.  Our primary role is to help clients to make informed financial decisions that are in their best interest and help them to achieve and preserve their desired lifestyle.  

Our processes rely on understanding your values and attitudes.  We take the time to get to know you, your family, your business and your true financial reality.  No two families are alike, but the lessons we have learned through serving families for many years has helped us to identify common themes, concerns and objectives.  Our expertise and network of professional advisors may be a fit for you and your family.  I welcome you to LifeLegacywealth.com - take a few moments to look around and I would be happy to chat.

If you want to arrange a meeting you can book an appointment here or give me a call.


eturgeon@lifelegacywealth.comtext or call: 403-392-0729