LifeLegacy Update - Sep 15, 2021

It’d mid September and summer is in the rear-view mirror. School is back in, and Harvest is in full swing. September 2021 unfortunately has a couple added features – a resurgence of COVID and a federal election.

If there has ever been a time that we all just need a break from media stories and comments from politicians, right now may be the time. It is hard to recall a time where the news is so personal, so divisive and so alienating. Over the course of the past few years, social media has done little to reinforce a social connection in our lives but has found ways to drive wedges and provide a platform to drive us apart rather than together.

One of the things that I love about my chosen profession is that I get to share a connection with clients. I get the opportunity to share precious time and to be welcomed into not only your financial lives, but your real lives – your goals, concerns, and fears. As the months wear on and we are continually forced to meet via electronic communication, or through masks when face to face, the sense of comfort, security and connection is harder to maintain.

I have been trying to stay connected to you through these email updates, and I hope you find them helpful. But please know I miss chatting over coffee, but am only a call away.

Throughout the years, we have found that at times of uncertainty, it is prudent to review your current financial reality to see how you are positioned to deal with various potential outcomes. While no investment, product or solution can be certain to not be affected by events in the real world. A comprehensive and flexible plan can help you to navigate through changes as they come.

Our summer focus has been on reviewing your plans from an estate perspective. We have been verifying beneficiary designations and working on developing tools that can assist your family in the transition of wealth. As we enter the fall we will be connecting with you to review our findings and update strategies as necessary. We also are looking forward to connecting you with the portfolio managers to review your investments and how they can be best positioned in the current environment and for the future. We hope that soon we can connect in person, but as you know we can accomplish a lot online. Look forward to a call from Christie soon to arrange your next review meeting.

Managing wealth includes managing expectations and providing strategic direction when things seem uncertain. Our partnership with Fiduciary Trust has proven its worth over the past year, their stewardship of your wealth has helped to preserve it and grow it through a time when many have been uncertain of where to turn next. I am honoured to have seen and experienced their rigorous processes for managing money and am proud that LifeLegacy clients benefit from their portfolio management. In the face of an unknown future direction of Canada’s federal government, of monetary and fiscal policies, of where inflation and cost of living is headed, of how this pandemic will end and the economy will respond, we should all be confident in the time tested and proven strategies of one of the world’s largest money managers, and the focused commitment of your portfolio managers stewarding your personal wealth. I invite you to watch a recent commentary from Ian Riach, Chief Investment Officer of Fiduciary Trust.

LifeLegacy is here to be your trusted partner to navigate this complex financial world, and we are here to assist those that are important to you. A simple introduction to our services can be sent to the people most important to you by forwarding this special introduction link: