Back to School

Back to School

Post Date: Aug 23, 2018

This time of year always brings the marketing focus of Back to School Shopping, however most families are focused on cramming in those last few moments of summer. Our Farmers are gearing up for their most busy and important season, filled with hope for a productive harvest season. LifeLegacy finds this time of year a great opportunity to remind our client families that we are here to assist them in achieving their goals.

Summer affords us time to reconnect with family, to enjoy some all-to-fleeting warmer weather and to spend some time away from the day to day rush of life. As we approach the back to school season, the kids are focused on seeing friends again, learning the new bus route and adjusting to the reality of classrooms. This time of the year also brings focus to the priorities we may have identified on a relaxing get away.

      • Are we really living our best lives?
      • Have we properly prepared for legacy we want to leave?
      • Have we achieved the previous goals we have set?
      • What can be done to meet those goals that may seem so far away?

Our focus on providing a comprehensive financial planning process for our clients, helps you to reconnect to your goals, to see where you are at currently and to re-examine if your current strategies are still aligned with your goals and objectives.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be inviting review meetings. It may simply be a quick chance to get an update of where you are, or it may be a complete overhaul of your financial plan. If over the summer you have identified some issues that you are questioning or have any concerns, please contact us to arrange your Back to School Review.